360° Concert: Shadow Quartet

Since traveling virtually stopped overnight in 2020, we had to quickly change the concept of our 360° videos. We took off our hiking boots, put on formal clothes, and started shooting concerts. Private concerts of classical music, to be more specific. We had no experience with VR concerts but we decided to give it a shot. Though we had to overcome some unforeseeable difficulties along the way, such as cooling down our Insta 360 Pro 2 with a bag of frozen peas, the results are fantastic. See for yourself.

Our first guinea pig was Shadow Quartet, a unique formation of musicians that originated in the late 1990s. The ensemble consists of a cello, accordion, violin, and double bass. In the imposing Crystal Hall of Brno’s Old Town Hall, we recorded an hour-long VR concert of classical music. Through our new 360° videos, you can enjoy the best pieces by famous composers such as Mozart’s Turkish March, Vivaldi’s Winter (Largo), and Dvorak’s Romantic Pieces.