Zoomed In: Notre-Dame Cathedral

Step into the heart of Parisian history and architecture with a mesmerizing VR video that offers several stunning shots of Notre-Dame Cathedral. From the intricate stone carvings to the towering spires, this immersive experience allows you to appreciate the cathedral’s Gothic magnificence from various angles, offering a virtual tour of one of France’s most iconic landmarks.

The video is available with natural sound and optional music. Contact us for the video preview.

Video Specifications

  • Video resolution: up to 8K (7680×3840)
  • Video duration: 03:20
  • Video type: 360° monoscopic
  • Audio: Stereo, available with music or natural sound only
  • Codec: H.264
  • Bitrate: up to 100 Mbps
  • Frame rate: 30 fps

To get more information about pricing and licensing options for this video, please contact us.

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