Step into a transformative world of therapeutic VR experiences designed to conquer your fears. Whether you’re confronting vertigo-inducing heights, overcoming avian phobias, or triumphing over claustrophobia, these immersive videos provide a safe and controlled environment for gradual exposure, empowering you to build resilience and conquer your anxieties one virtual step at a time.

360° exposure therapy videos are 2 to 11 minutes long and they come with authentic sound. Videos can be licensed separately or as a set. Please contact us for video previews.

All 360° Exposure Therapy Videos to License

Video specifications

  • Video resolution: up to 8K resolution
  • Video type: 360° stereoscopic
  • Spatial audio – 360° audio
  • Codec: H.265
  • Bitrate: up to 200 Mbps
  • Frame rate: 29.97 fps


Royalty free licensing. Terms.

If you are interested in licensing any exposure therapy video, please contact us for previews and licensing details..

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