South America – Part 1

Back in 2019, our head traveler Michal came to us with the idea of traveling to South America and shooting as many 360° videos as possible. We equipped him with a brand new camera, Insta 360 Pro 2, and were looking forward to seeing all the incredible VR clips from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. 

As soon as Michal started sending us first shots, we were all green with envy. Clips of bustling cities, of lush green nature, of imposing beaches. Thanks to the new gear, the quality of the videos increased significantly, making our envy even worse. Imagine sitting in an office while processing 8K clips of Michal ziplining over canyons in Ecuador.

Thanks to his great sacrifice, you can now embark on a virtual tour of Ecuador from the comfort of your own home. Visit Quito, the capital of Ecuador, and enjoy its colorful streets and well-preserved historical churches. Set off on one of the most popular hikes – Quilotoa Loop. Travel from one deep valley into another, marvel at the unspoiled nature around you, and hike up to the magnificent Quilotoa crater lake.