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Futur Swing 360° Concert

360° Jazz Concert: Futur Swing

Futur Swing – an original jazz band playing double bass, bass, violin and saxophone – performed for 360° in industrial setting in Schrott Gallery. Apart from classic jazz songs from 1920s and 1930s, the musicians also included traditional songs from Bulgaria, Norway and Russia. The jazz concert includes 12 songs that can be licensed individually: …

The Dudes of Ellington in 360°

360° Jazz Concert: The Dudes of Ellington

Jazz band The Dudes of Ellington played classic jazz pieces for the 360° camera. They even included Jingle Bells for every Christmas lovers and they wore Santa hats for the occasion. You can enjoy listening to a saxophone, trumpet, double bass and percussion. The jazz concert includes 10 songs that can be licensed individually: Avalon …